BIM Methodology

Building Information Modeling is a working method that defines the process of generating and managing information about the building throughout its life cycle.

Air Conditioning

Grupo 123 offers design, supply and installation of the air conditioning and mechanical ventilation system, counting on its experience of the main mall of Venezuela.

Fire Protection

Grupo 123 specializes in the design and construction of the entire spectrum of fire protection systems.

BMS and Controls

Grupo 123 provides the client with an operation plan for the building, which is the BMS System, which can offer supervision, control and report of the same.


Grupo 123 C.A. has extensive experience in electrical installations to ensure the correct functioning of connections in projects.

Water Treatment Plants

Grupo 123, C.A. Designs and builds turnkey projects of whitewater treatment plants, sewage, water potabilization and reverse osmosis, applying the BIM methodology.

Manufacture of Ducts

The company has three production lines specialized in the manufacture of pipelines with high technology machinery and professionals with extensive experience in this area.


Grupo 123, C.A. offers state-of-the-art technology for air conditioning, ventilation, fire-fighting, electricity, BMS and control projects and water treatment plants with high-tech design programs that generate technical information which facilitates execution during the manufacturing and installation process.