About us

Who are we?

Grupo 123, CA, is a company dedicated to providing Electromechanical Solutions, specifically in these areas: Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation, Fire Protection and Extinction, BMS and Controls, Electricity, Water Treatment Plants, under the implementation of the BIM Methodology.

Building country

The company has participated in large-scale works that are part of the country's history, such as the construction of Line 1 of the Metro de Caracas, Sambil shopping centers, P & G Building in Caracas, La Vela Shopping Center, among others.


Grupo 123, was born from the need of companies in the electromechanical sector in Venezuela during the 70's, thanks to this, its founders who had been working in civil works transformed the company to offer the country Electromechanical Solutions.

The company was founded in July 1977 in the city of Caracas, Venezuela by the engineers: Andrea Zucchi, Dimitir Bainov, Felix Galavis Carpio and Stefan Zlatarov. To offer a professional quality service, with highly qualified personnel in the engineering area, growing according to demand levels of the projects in commercial, industrial and construction areas.


The company has manufacturing workshops for air distribution ducts and preassembled pipes to suit the specific requirements of each project.


Grupo 123, has a subsidiary company, called Gamiz Export LLC, which was born due to the need to address the Latin American market, currently maintains operations in United States, Colombia and Panama.